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Adjunct Assistant Professor
Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division
Project Center Building, 2nd floor, 218
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Tel (508) 831-6635
Fax (508) 831-5485
ishockey [at] wpi [dot] edu

Ingrid Shockey - Board of Directors
Founding Member


 I am an environmental sociologist, with a particular interest in the idea of “natural literacy”. More specifically, this means understanding the dynamics and interplay of human-wilderness boundaries, and to what extent we rely on substitutions for authentic experiences in the world. It seems that how well we recognize and know the qualities of nature determines the depth of our relationship with what inhabits the world around us. This can be explored in everyday behaviors: how we interact with pets, food, germs, and how we perceive ideas of tame vs. wild.   The ability to identify what is real means disarming mediating forces as far reaching as domestication and advertising that impact our identities, decisions, and actions in the world.
I am currently teaching at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in the interdisciplinary and global studies program.

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