We developed this Primer using funding from the U.S. EPA to clarify how to conduct Q methodology. The Primer adds depth to a guidance document we wrote to help EPA personnel use Q methodology as a technique to evaluate public participation efforts.

That report is available here: seri-us.org/content/guidance-for-using-q-method-at-contaminated-sites


We anticipate this Primer (pdf below) will be instructive for EPA staff and, more generally, for graduate students and professionals working in the social sciences.

This is an open-access document.  We ask that you use the following citation if you use the content:

Webler, T., Danielson, S., & Tuler, S. (2009). Using Q method to reveal social perspectives in environmental research. Greenfield MA: Social and Environmental Research Institute. Downloaded from: http://www.seri-us.org/sites/default/files/Qprimer.pdf

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