SERI organized and ran two VCAPS meetings in Fairhaven-New Bedford in Fall 2012.  The purpose of the meetings was to document local understandings of what impacts are likely from future weather-related hazards based on projections of climate change.  The first meeting began with a presentation by Dr. Paul Kirshen of the University of New Hampshire.  Dr. Kirshen is a climate scientist who is very knowledgeable about climate impacts for southern New England.  Next, Seth Tuler of SERI facilitated a discussion about how Fairhaven-New Bedford would be impacted by increased precipitation events and sea level rise.  VCAPS diagrams were made by SERI during the discussion.  These were revised and presented to participants at the second workshop.  The second workshop focused on identifying management actions that could be included in Hazard Mitigation Plans.  Participants included members of Fire Departments, Conservation Commissions, Planning Departments, Harbor Development Agency, and other departments.